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March 26, 2012

OnAir, TriaGnoSys Deploy Inflight Mobile Connectivity

By Nick Ruble, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Scandinavian Avionics has integrated OnAir and TriaGnoSys inflight Internet access to their first commercial aircraft – the Russian Tupolev VIP jet. Passengers can now go online at broadband speeds on their mobile devices during flights on the Tupolev jet.

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The major difference between traditional inflight Wi-Fi solutions and OnAir (News - Alert) is their focus and specialization in the field of mobile device connectivity. Mobile networks don’t quite reach the altitudes of a commercial jet, rendering cell phones pretty much useless during a flight.

OnAir essentially serves as a portable mobile network – not unlike that of cell phone towers, only they connect in remote locations. The service communicates with satellites to access Inmarsat’s (News - Alert) SwiftBroadband network, allowing for blazing fast speeds and ample capacity for voice and data solutions.

TriaGnoSys, on the hardware end of things, serves as a means of satellite connection to terrestrial networks, not only during flights but at sea or in remote areas on land. Combined with OnAir, users attain a reliable and high-quality solution for Internet communications in remote areas of the world.

“Ease and operation were central to the design of the hardware,” said Axel Jahn, managing director at TriaGnoSys. “It is available as retrofit and soon as linefit, with retrofit taking place during overnight stops. It has unconstrained mounting options, low power consumption, and no scheduled maintenance.”

With the ease of installation as well as lack of need for regular maintenance, this method of inflight connectivity very well may be the most cutting edge solution for providing Internet access to aircraft – from small-scale business jets to commercial jumbo-jets.

Inflight Wi-Fi and mobile networks have been available in many forms for a long time, but never in such a resourceful and dialed-in fashion as with OnAir. Whether or not the company leads the industry is up for debate, but they have definitely made a dent in the world of inflight communications.

Edited by Braden Becker