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February 23, 2010

Broadcast Modulator Report: Special Workshops Highlight Importance of Satellite Broadband in Europe

By Marisa Torrieri, TMCnet Editor

Newtec (News - Alert) joined European Commission representatives -- led by director-general Fabio Colasanti of the Directorate General for Information Society and Media -- plus key representatives from European institutions and Regions, for a special workshop mid-month on satellite telecommunications on how to spread broadband through satellite Internet.
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During the presentation “Bringing Broadband to the Regions,” participants agreed that satellite Internet should play a vital role in an integrated approach to reach full broadband access across all European regions.
EU and regional officials acknowledged the vital role that satellites can play in bringing broadband Internet to all Europeans.
Aarti Holla, secretary general of the European Satellite Operators Association, opened the workshop with a live demonstration using Newtec Sat3Play technology. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the real potential of today’s satellite broadband by browsing the Web and accessing bandwidth-intensive applications like video streaming, maps and VoIP calls.
The DG INFSO director general noted the progress made by satellite technology over the past few years and his pleasant surprise at the excellent quality of the service. During the demonstration, he was invited to make a Skype (News - Alert) – and reportedly did so with ease and no delay in the communications.
The event made it clear that demonstrations such as these are necessary to change the perceptions of the older generation in EU institutions and elsewhere who still judge satellite broadband technology based on outdated performance rates.
The German ministry representative from Baden-Württemberg noted in his presentation the paradox of having European and member states’ governments promoting the expansion of 100 Mbps fiber broadband, which will take years to arrive, while there are rural communities with no connectivity today that could be helped immediately via satellite.
Participants in the NEREUS workshop agreed that satellite Internet should play a vital role in an integrated approach to reach full broadband access across all European regions, especially when terrestrial solutions are prohibitively expensive and not realistic for the entire population. They called upon the European Commission to recognize the great potential of satellite to achieve 100 percent coverage.

Marisa Torrieri is a TMCnet Web editor, covering IP hardware and mobility, including IP phones, smartphones, fixed-mobile convergence and satellite technology. She also compiles and regularly contributes to TMCnet's gadgets and satellite e-Newsletters. To read more of Marisa's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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