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TMCNet:  Ensequence Granted 3 Patents for Advancements in Television Advertising and Programming

[November 14, 2012]

Ensequence Granted 3 Patents for Advancements in Television Advertising and Programming

NEW YORK, NY, Nov 14, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Ensequence announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company three additional patents covering the delivery of advanced programming across television systems and mobile devices.

U.S. Patent 8,176,425 covers an intuitive way for TV viewers to navigate multiple video segments related to broadcast content on traditional or Internet-connect TVs. U.S. Patent 8,229,984 and Patent 8,307,020 cover methods for creating enhanced television applications that can be modified yet retain their certification for broadcast TV delivery systems including cable, satellite and Internet-connected TVs and mobile devices.

"As TVs become more connected and capable, viewers require simple user interfaces and producers need application environments for managing more engaging but more complex content," said Aslam Khader, chief technology and product officer at Ensequence. "At Ensequence, we value innovation and go all out to provide the world's most advanced products for transforming TV into an engaging, active experience. These patents protect key parts of our interface and application development inventions, and they help us focus on further innovation to benefit everyone in the world of television." Ensequence is using the patented methods in its advanced products to help advertising and programming customers reach more TV viewers with engaging content that transforms passive viewing into active participation.

With the addition of the three most recent patents, Ensequence has expanded its patent portfolio to ten patents covering core elements of its advanced products for television advertising and programming distributed across cable, satellite, telco, connected TVs, and mobile platforms.

The full text and images of the patents are available at by doing a patent number search under issued patents.

ABOUT ENSEQUENCE Ensequence creates and distributes advanced products for television advertising and programming across multiple platforms (cable, satellite, telco, connected TVs, and mobile). The advertising products create better engagement, measurability and ROI for advertisers resulting in new ad revenues for programmers and distributors. The programming products create deeper engagement with viewers leading to increased time spent viewing and higher ratings for programmers. Ensequence's customers include the largest and most innovative companies in the media industry: NBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Showtime Networks, Disney, Turner Broadcasting, HBO, QVC, AMC Networks, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DISH Network and Verizon. To learn more, visit

CONTACT Lynda Radosevich Email Contact +1-917-922-7020 SOURCE: Ensequence id=C95C7AA161445DF7

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