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TMCNet:  Engage Hurricane Sandy: Engage Circuit to Packet Solution Helps Restore T1 Voice and Data Service after Hurricane Sandy Disaster

[November 14, 2012]

Engage Hurricane Sandy: Engage Circuit to Packet Solution Helps Restore T1 Voice and Data Service after Hurricane Sandy Disaster

APTOS, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Engage Communication, a leading provider of circuit emulation, circuit protection and encryption solutions, is facilitating accelerated restoral of T1 circuits knocked out of service by Hurricane Sandy. Combining Engage IP-Tube T1 to packet solutions with 4G/LTE (News - Alert) modems and service, a global telecommunication service provider is restoring T1 service to business and critical infrastructure over cellular networks while the physical T1 plant is repaired.

The easy to deploy T1-over-Cellular kits allow the Service Provider to significantly reduce outage time by quickly re-routing customer T1 traffic over the cellular network. Combining IP-Tube circuit emulation with cellular modems, these T1 kits are deployed by technicians at customer premises to immediately restore customer T1 Router or PBX (News - Alert) connectivity to the Central Office over the cellular network.

With the increased performance of advanced cellular technologies, an alternative method for backing up T1 links has emerged. Cellular network bandwidth and reliability has increased to levels capable of supprting backup connectivity for T1 circuits. Cellular technology has the added benefit of on-demand capacity with quick connect times, reducing cost and complexity.

For critical customers who need immediate service restoral, Engage offers an automatic protection switching option called Link Protector, that is permanently installed at the customers premise. Link Protector continuously monitors the primary T1 connection and automatically switches traffic to the backup cellular path when a failure on the primary T1 is detected.

IP-Tube Circuit Emulation solutions from Engage Communication bridge the gap between circuit-based T1 and packet-based cellular technologies. IP-Tube enables T1 connections over packet based wired, fiber, satellite, wireless and, now, next generation cellular networks.

"This is definitely a case of "what goes around comes around". T1 circuits have often been used to backhaul Cellular traffic, but now advanced packet-based Cellular networks are being used to backhaul T1 traffic." Mark Doyle president of Engage Communication.

Engage Communication, founded in 1989, has ROHS compliant solutions that enable organizations to route, bridge, encrypt, and auto protect Voice/Video/Data Networks and to take advantage of the lower costs and flexibility associated with Packet transport while preserving their investment in Circuit based premises equipment such as: PBXs, Phone (News - Alert) Switches, Voice and Data Multiplexors, Video and Audio Codecs, and Encryptors

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