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TMCNet:  SmartPing Partners with Baesman to Offer Geo-Fencing Mobile App

[November 26, 2012]

SmartPing Partners with Baesman to Offer Geo-Fencing Mobile App

Nov 26, 2012 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) -- SmartPing announced a partnership with Baesman to offer its retail, direct marketing clients a location-based, geo-fencing mobile app that drives in-store traffic by sending exclusive sales and promotional offers directly to consumers' smartphones.

"We're very excited to add the SmartPing mobile app to the wide array of direct marketing tools and integrated strategies that Baesman currently offers our clients," said Rod Baesman, CEO of Baesman Group, in a release. "Mobile marketing is not only an exciting marketing foray for retailers, it has become a necessity to reach customers who expect relevant, customized brand offers delivered directly to their preferred communication channel mobile." SmartPing is available to consumers at no cost. After downloading the app, consumers opt-in to retail brands and choose their preferred offer frequency (daily deals, multiple offers per week, once a month, etc). Once the consumer is in proximity of a store, SmartPing pings the smartphone with a discount or promotion designed specifically for them. They can redeem it immediately, or within the valid promo dates. Once the offer expires, it's automatically deleted from the smartphone.

SmartPing has a built-in GPS system, providing turn-by-turn directions to the store. Rather than costly text messages, the pinged offer lives within the app. Consumers are in full control of preferences, and can update frequencies or deactivate retailer brand opt-ins at any time.

"SmartPing is more than just a coupon app. Unlike many geo-coupon apps in the marketplace today, SmartPing allows retailers to send highly-targeted offers and control the cadence with which they are sent to brand subscribers; all the while, helping to build the retailer's customer database," said Brian Weis, Chief Technical Officer of SmartPing. "Combined with the consumer's control to select brands and manage the days and times they want to receive offers, it's truly a win-win." Baesman is a provider of direct marketing strategy and solutions.

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