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TMCNet:  Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigators Cyber Monday and Christmas Deals at

[November 26, 2012]

Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigators Cyber Monday and Christmas Deals at

Nov 26, 2012 ( via COMTEX) -- Garmin is a well-known company that designs and manufactures GPS navigational equipment for businesses and private consumers. They are the first company to make hand-held GPS navigators called Garmin Nuvi. They sell more devices solely devoted for GPS navigation technology than any other company. Cyber Monday is a term in reference to an annually held online shopping event from numerous retailers across the US. Participating retailers mark down their electronics and device accessories to encourage shoppers to kick off their holiday season online. It is held every year on the first Monday following Black Friday.

Garmin Nuvi Cyber Monday and Christmas deals can be found at

Garmin has re-slated the Nuvi lineup into different series: 1. 30/40/50 series The Garmin Nuvi 30/40/50 series cover all of the basics and essentials. The main distinguishing difference between the models is the screen size. The Nuvi 30 has a 4.3 inch wide display, the Nuvi 40 is at 4.3 inches, and the Nuvi 50 has the largest at exactly 5 inches wide.

2. 2405/2505 series The 2405/2505 series have traffic updates in real-time coupled with 3D image mapping. These also use the Garmin Guidance 2.0 system.

3. 3400 series The 3400 series are thin. It has a 4 inch display and runs with the Guidance 3.0 system.

All three of the series above include touchscreen capability, turn by turn voice directions, lifetime map updates, and advance technology. These features provide users with lane flow and junction warnings in advance to anticipate upcoming lane changes.

Lots of people are looking to update their Garmin Nuvi out-dated models with the newer ones.

Garmin Nuvi Cyber Monday and Christmas deals can be found at

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