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TMCNet:  E-Investigations Announces Quickly Advancing Computer Forensics Technology is Helping to Solve Cold Cases

[November 30, 2012]

E-Investigations Announces Quickly Advancing Computer Forensics Technology is Helping to Solve Cold Cases

Houston, Texas, Nov 30, 2012 ( via COMTEX) -- E-Investigations has found that cases involving Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure, intellectual property and patent infringement computer forensic investigations can be re-examined using new computer forensics tools and updated hardware, software, and firmware.

"Forensic tools are constantly improving. Updates to software, hardware and firmware can make previously lost files recoverable, especially those that were encrypted with passwords". Said Gary Huestis, Director of Digital Forensics at E-Investigations. "If you think that your investigation on your old partners computer is finished, but you know he was taking cash payments or not recording invoices in your accounting software, it's not too late. E-Investigations can re-evaluate that old drive and attempt to recover additional data that would help the case move forward." Huestis went on to say.

People that use computers and other digital devices to pass along client databases, sell CAD (computer aided design) drawings, or write checks to shell companies from accounting software, often leave traces on those devices. Even if the files are hidden behind encrypted password protected partitions, E-Investigations has some of the best tools and investigators in the industry to recover those files and expose the truth. Often, deeds that were done years ago may be forgotten by the perpetrator, but remain on the digital device just waiting to discovered. Cold cases are often forgotten or are abandoned because the data was not recoverable; however, with the latest updates many cases are being reopened and more data is being identified.

Smart phone forensics has also come a long way over the past year and E-Investigations is seeing an improvement in recovery of SMS messages from the original image due to software module updates. E-Investigations has the tools and experience to perform logical, physical, file system and password extraction of data from mobile devices. By the incorporating the latest hardware and software technologies, E-Investigations has one of the most thorough capabilities for mobile phone investigations in the industry - with the ability to image thousands of mobile phones, smartphones and portable GPS devices, and all major mobile OS: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm.

E-Investigation's Computer Forensic Investigators follow the trail and decipher the information regardless of whether the evidence is digital, such as electronically stored information found on computers, mobile phones or other devices or if the investigation requires traditional private investigative services. E-Investigations' tools and techniques include surveillance, undercover work and detailed record searches. The final product helps our clients gain a deeper understanding of what has happened or what is occurring. The gained clarity and discovery of truth allows our clients to quickly respond and recover.

Gary Huestis is the Director of Digital Forensics at E-Investigations. Mr. Huestis is an EnCase Certified Forensic Examiner and a licensed private investigator.

About E-Investigations: Call us toll-free at 877-305-4935 Read the full story at

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