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TMCNet:  BrightLine Names Keith Gelles as Chief Technology Officer

[December 03, 2012]

BrightLine Names Keith Gelles as Chief Technology Officer

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)--

BrightLine, the leading global provider of interactive television solutions for entertainment and advertising, today announced that Keith Gelles has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer. Gelles will be responsible for developing, implementing and executing BrightLine's new suite of technology-based solutions to help the company further innovate and revolutionize the advertising industry. Gelles brings his expertise from over 20 years of experience in software and technology development in both traditional business and Internet start-up environments. Keith's background is primarily focused in technical product planning and design as well as building high-scalability software architectures with emphasis on creating unparalleled business solutions for advertising clients.

Keith most recently served as CTO at Medialets where he was responsible for growth and strategy as well as managing the development of creative tools and technologies including ad-serving platforms for emerging devices. Prior to that, he was the co-founder and CTO of PointRoll, the leading digital rich-media technology provider. He has ben involved in incubation, early-stage investment, and advisory roles in various digital marketing, social, and analytics startups as well as consulting in rich-media, mobile, data analytics and other technology integration projects. BrightLine is the only interactive advertising solutions provider accounting for 95 percent of all national interactive television advertising. Born from their In-Television™ product suite, the company has experienced rampant organic growth and quickly established the brand as a market leader for intelligent, viewer-controlled brand experiences.

"We continue to fortify and deepen our bench of best in class industry experts and best of breed human capital in digital media worldwide," said Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder, Chairman and CEO, BrightLine, "Keith's exceptional understanding of digital media and technology are a perfect fit for our growing global capacity at BrightLine to help advertisers complete the shift from monologue to dialogue with consumers."

About BrightLine

BrightLine is the leading global provider of interactive television solutions for entertainment and advertising. BrightLine's data-driven In-Television™ solutions increase consumer engagement, brand recall, purchase intent, and sales. With over 500 executed interactive programs in over 90 million households, the company transforms passive 30-second commercials into dynamic, superior, viewer-driven brand interactions. BrightLine's proprietary iQ™ software suite aggregates consumer behavior trends and historical results to inform the design implementation of integrated, programmatic advertising experiences. BrightLine's platform agnostic solutions launch across all television platforms, including cable and satellite, telecom companies, gaming consoles, connected televisions, smartphones, and tablets.´┐ŻLearn more about how BrightLine is revolutionizing advertising at

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