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TMCNet:  AlphaChooser Launches GPS Eliminator, A One-minute Vehicle GPS Chooser Tool

[December 17, 2012]

AlphaChooser Launches GPS Eliminator, A One-minute Vehicle GPS Chooser Tool

Montreal, Qc, Canada, Dec 17, 2012 ( via COMTEX) -- Shopping for a car GPS is now easier, as AlphaChooser launches GPS Eliminator, a 1-minute chooser tool for vehicle GPS units. Answer seven easy questions about your needs and GPS Eliminator will tell you just which GPS units you need to buy. Absent-minded drivers can narrow the list to just models with a speed limit indicator while hardcore commuters can further restrict the selection to models that offer traffic updates.

Two features distinguish GPS Eliminator from classic product chooser tools: It is universal and store-independent, because it includes all popular brands, not just those sold by a specific store. And, instead of letting you make blind choices and get no results (or too many!), it guides you question-by-question, telling you each time how many GPS units will remain after each of your choices and what the minimum market price will be.

Based on Celliminator, a cell phone chooser by sister web site, GPS Eliminator does its trick by eliminating GPS models as you specify your needs. It starts with 49 popular 2012 and 2013 GPS models from the main manufacturers and works its way down to your ideal choices.

GPS Eliminator is not your usual web-based product chooser because you are forewarned of the cost of each decision you make as well as the remaining selection. For instance: Request traffic updates and the list will go down to 23 while prices will go up by $10 ... Add 3D terrain view Only six devices will remain and the minimum price will jump to $119 ... With that much guidance, you can choose while knowing fairly well where you will end up.

The free, handy tool is available starting today at and covers car, truck and RV GPS units from Garmin, Magellan, TomTom and Rand McNally.

AlphaChooser -- by the creators of and the search interface -- is a data-driven product analysis tool made for consumers who care about specifications, but do not like to do their own research. AlphaChooser currently covers the most popular products in categories ranging from Bluetooth headsets to toasters.

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