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TMCNet:  Frontier Communications Begins Offering Consumers 100% Green Energy Supply

[December 18, 2012]

Frontier Communications Begins Offering Consumers 100% Green Energy Supply

STAMFORD, Conn. --(Business Wire)--

Frontier Communications Corporation�(NASDAQ: FTR),�the largest provider of communications services focused on rural America,�today announced the�availability�of�a�cost-effective, clean energy�supply through FTR�Energy�Services. Customers will receive the same electricity and the same service�on the same bill�from their trusted local provider, but FTR Energy Services will provide green energy at affordable rates and 5 percent cash back on energy supply.

"Clean, renewable and affordable energy is something�all�customers want. This opportunity offers�consumers choice, affordable plans�and the ability to�help the environment�by knowing their energy�supply is�100 percent green,"�said�Ann Burr, President, New Product Trials and Integration for Frontier.

Participating utilities by state (E= electric; G=gas) are:


New York


Central Hudson (E&G)

ii. National Grid (E&G)
iii. NYSEG (E&G)
iv. Orange (News - Alert) & Rockland (E&G)
v. Rochester Gas & Electric (E)
vi. National Fuel Gas (G)


i. Dayton Power & Light (E)
ii. Columbus Southern Power (E)
iii. OHIO Power (E)
iv. Cleveland Electric (E)
v. Ohio Edison (E)
vi. Toledo Edison (E)
vii. Columbia Gas (G)
viii. Vectren (G)
ix. Dominion East (G)



Any consumer - not just Frontier customers -- may sign up for�either�fixed or variable rate energy plans. Since energy is a commodity�with supply rates�that�fluctuate depending on weather and market conditions, it is important�customers select�a plan�that suits them. They can make their choice�using either�an easy online tool or by speaking to a trained�FTR Energy Services customer�representative who�will�help them through the process.

"FTR Energy�Services�builds on�Frontier Communications'�strong�local�relationships�with�customers. Communities, customers, Frontier employees�and�shareholders�will�benefit from this�service. It is a great�addition to our�robust�home and�small business�offerings," said�Burr. The switch to Frontier Energy Services from�a customer's current energy supplier is simple and easy. All customer bills will still come from their current local energy utility.

FTR Energy�Services�is a�wholly-owned subsidiary of Crius Energy,�a�pioneer�in�telecom and energy�relationships�and�the first to�recognize�the�consumer advantages achievable through broadband�and energy company partnerships.

For more information�on FTR Energy Services, please visit��or call 888-807-1644.

About FTR Energy Services

FTR Energy Services is a provider of affordable, green retail energy. The company will initially provide 100 percent green electricity to customers in New York and Ohio, and clean-burning natural gas to customers in Indiana, with plans to expand its service locations. FTR Energy Services LLC is a subsidiary of Crius Energy LLC. FTR Energy Services was created through a strategic marketing relationship with Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR). FTR Energy Services uses the FTR name under a license agreement with Frontier Communications. Through this landmark launch, Frontier Communications demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and innovation as one of the first telecommunications providers to offer green energy options to customers along with Internet, entertainment and phone services. More information is available at

About Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) is an S&P 500 company and is included in the FORTUNE 500 list of America's largest corporations. Frontier offers broadband, voice, satellite video, wireless Internet data access, data security solutions, bundled offerings and specialized bundles for residential customers, small businesses and home offices and advanced communications for medium and large businesses in 27 states. Frontier's approximately 15,300 employees are based entirely in the United States. More information is available at

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