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TMCNet:  Intrado Secures Exclusive Agreement to Supply New High Frequency (HF) Emergency Network for Critical Infrastructure

[December 19, 2012]

Intrado Secures Exclusive Agreement to Supply New High Frequency (HF) Emergency Network for Critical Infrastructure

LONGMONT, Colo. --(Business Wire)--

Intrado Inc (News - Alert)., a subsidiary of West Corporation and a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions, has secured an exclusive agreement with ShipCom, LLC, the only High Frequency (HF) civilian maritime radio network operator in America authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC (News - Alert)) to provide emergency communications on land when existing communications infrastructure is inoperable.

Intrado plans to offer a new backup emergency HF radio solution to support public safety, hospitals, nuclear power plants, utilities, transportation and other critical infrastructure providers. For the first time these organizations will have access to highly reliable HF radio spectrum, previously reserved for maritime operations.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina crippled the Gulf region's primary communications system infrastructure. ShipCom's maritime HF frequencies were utilized by the Coast Guard to communicate on land during its Katrina-related operations, and were the primary method of communications in the rescue of over 33,000 people. As a result, in 2010 the FCC granted ShipCom a Waiver to operate their HF maritime network frequencies on land during emergencies when a man made or natural disaster renders existing communication infrastructure (wireless, wireline, and satellite) inoperable.

George Heinrichs (News - Alert), cofounder and president of Intrado, remarked, "For more than 30 year, Intrado has maintained a focus and passion for saving lives via our 9-1-1 systems, services and technology. The ability for Intrado to offer a communications system that works when everything else fails is an important addition to our capabilities. We plan on making an emergency HF backup communication option available to 9-1-1 dispatch and emergency operations centers, hospitals, first responders, providers of critical infrastructure, and federal, state and local agencies."

Beyond maritime use, HF is currently used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other Federal agencies. The President on Air Force One and soldiers in battle rely on HF as a trusted form of communication when other systems fail.

Stephen Meer, cofounder and chief technology officer of Intrado, has been instrumental in advancing the nation's 9-1-1 network. Mr. Meer said, "This is one of the most exciting developments I've seen in public safety emergency communications, and I'm proud that Intrado will play a major part."

Meer also noted that, "Hospitals in America rely on the hard work, patriotism and volunteerism of HAM Radio operators to be their emergency communications system. This new network will greatly expand the capabilities available to HAMs during these times of crisis, and will back up their efforts with an immediately available, sophisticated HF radio network interoperable with the E9-1-1 infrastructure. Hospitals and other critical agencies will have seamless, reliable, encrypted and redundant HF radio capability, giving them immediate connectivity to the outside world in the event of a disaster that renders their other communications systems unuseable. "

As planned, the new Intrado HF 9-1-1™�service will begin deployment in the next 90 - 120 days,�starting with�public safety,�hospitals, nuclear reactors and other critical infrastructure.

About Intrado

In business for more than 30 years, Intrado, a subsidiary of West Corporation, has maintained a focus and passion for saving lives and supporting the needs of public safety. Agencies and telecommunication services providers throughout the world depend on Intrado for emergency communication services and technology. Intrado's dedicated focus on emergency communications technology allows the company to continue pioneering network innovations that improve emergency response. For more information, visit

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