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TMCNet:  Global Satellite Communications Taking the Satellite Phone Industry to a New Level

[January 15, 2013]

Global Satellite Communications Taking the Satellite Phone Industry to a New Level

DECATUR, AL, Jan 15, 2013 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Hobert Pruitt, founder of GlobalCom, is re-entering the satellite telephone market with a new name, Global Satellite Communications Inc. With the new name he has established a new modern website Mr. Pruitt has a new mission to provide the best customer service and benefits in the industry. He has increased his staff to provide 24/7 live customer service. 24/7 customer service is not commonly found in the industry. The new customer service department can be reached at a new number 1-877-636-8282. Mr. Pruitt tells us, "When you call Global Satellite Communications (GSC) you will never get voice mail nor will you get an automated attendant. You will always get a friendly representative answering the phone ready to help." Other benefits GSC will be providing is free shipping on all purchases, monthly instant rebates, unlimited airtime promotions and a new toll free fax line.

The new website will provide customers with convenient online rental forms, a modern shopping cart, and log-in access to view and recharge airtime. Customers will be provided with monthly emails providing service alerts and industry news.

GSC is partnered with the largest satellite service providers in the industry. There partners include Globalstar, GMPCS, Iridium and Inmarsat. GSC offers the largest selection of satellite phones to sell and rent. These include Globalstar, IsatPhone Pro, Inmarsat BGAN terminals and the Iridium satellite phone. This close relationship has allowed Global Satellite Communications to stay ahead of the competition with promotions and product innovations.

Their newest promotions include free unlimited airtime on rental sat phones with rentals starting at only $29.95 a week. Phones start at only $149.00 with unlimited airtime.

Hobert Pruitt started GlobalCom in 2002 with only a few thousand dollars. In a just a few years, his company grew into one of the largest satellite phone resellers in the United States. With this new site he plans to take things to the next level with innovation and unbeatable customer service.

Contact Information: Global Satellite Communications Inc.

Hobert Pruitt Email Contact 1-877-636-8282 SOURCE: Global Satellite Communications id=08BB50EB41F85E3B

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