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TMCNet:  2012's Hottest Holiday Gift Idea Charges into the New Year; Center Link Media Keeping Up with High Demand for Touch Screen Gloves

[January 16, 2013]

2012's Hottest Holiday Gift Idea Charges into the New Year; Center Link Media Keeping Up with High Demand for Touch Screen Gloves

Coral Springs, FL, Jan 16, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- Touch screen devices are common in every household these days. What is becoming as popular as the devices themselves are the specialized gloves that make operating them easier and more efficient. Bare fingers are no longer considered 'optimum' equipment for use with a touch screen device. All the rage for this past holiday gift-giving season, Touch Screen Gloves have already tapped their way into thousands and thousands of hands. Greg Spinder, President of Center Link Media, a company that sells and distributes the Touch Screen Gloves, says, "It was amazing to see the orders for this product skyrocket over the holiday season. Touch Screen Gloves have been by far one of our most popular items of the quarter. And, it's no wonder why: they are very 'techno-what's new'. People like to own the latest in trending products. Plus, they look great and they work." The technology behind the glove is what makes it so successful Each pair of gloves is woven with silver fibers. Silver is naturally highly conductive, a thermo-regulator and antimicrobial, which makes it the perfect material for operating touch screens. Eric Siversen, Marketing Director at Center Link Media says, "Touch Screen Gloves transform the finger tips you were born with into warm, precise and accurate touch screen whizzes.

The Touch Screen Glove's popularity also stems from the fact that, in addition to being used for touch screen phones, cameras, multimedia devices and game systems, they are also versatile enough to work with many other types of touch screens. Touch screens such as those on computers, eReaders, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTable, iBike, touch screen ATMs, ticket kiosks, Garmins, in-car GPS systems and even the screens the touch screens in cars are a perfect application for the gloves. Those who live in colder climates welcome a glove that not only keeps their hands warm, but that they can leave on when using phones, texting or operating other touch screen devices - and despite the silver fibers, they remain silky soft to the touch.

Sales of the Touch Screen Gloves are being driven primarily by online daily deal websites such as, which reports several thousand pairs sold and counting. "We expect sales of Touch Screen Gloves to continue to be brisk, especially following the holiday season," says Greg Spinder of Center Link Media. "We're not surprised by the popularity. It's an affordable gift that everyone and anyone with a touch screen device would love to have." Spinder ensures customers, "We are prepared to meet the increased demand due to the growing popularity of the Touch Screen Glove." Read the full story at

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