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TMCNet:  Exact Data ConsumeBase Announces New Services as Mortgage Leads Increase in Demand after Government Tightens Compensation Rules for Mortgage Lenders

[January 21, 2013]

Exact Data ConsumeBase Announces New Services as Mortgage Leads Increase in Demand after Government Tightens Compensation Rules for Mortgage Lenders

Chicago, IL, Jan 21, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- New lending rules released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will require lending institutions to further pre-screen all borrowers, and only those who have enough income and assets to repay the loan will qualify for a mortgage.

Lenders have adapted to use highly targeted mailing lists to find qualifying applicants.

Exact Data ConsumerBase LLC regularly works with financial institutions to find future customers through loan data custom built from selects including: income, homeowner or renter, credit rating, credit score, investment types, and a variety of other financial options.

Some of Exact Data ConsumerBase's mortgage mailing lists include but are not limited to: Mortgage Holders In Need of Relief Mailing List Mortgage Information Seekers Mailing List Overdue Mortgage Payers Mailing List "Our database contains valuable consumer data, allowing direct marketers to connect with their specific niche target audience in the most efficient and cost effective way possible," says Larry Organ, CEO of Exact Data ConsumerBase. "Exact Data ConsumerBase's regular data hygienes keep our data current and relevant to make our clients' campaigns successful." Marketers work tirelessly to think of new ways to find and retain customers. Whether it be email, telephone, or postal data, Exact Data ConsumerBase has everything a marketer needs for their next campaign.

About Exact Data ConsumerBase Exact Data ConsumerBase provides multi-channel direct marketing services with a specialty in postal, email, and telephone solutions. Encompassing the entire lifecycle of customer information, Exact Data ConsumerBase services focus on acquiring and retaining customers, validating, cleaning, and enhancing customer data, and improving the overall performance of marketing communications.

Exact Data ConsumerBase is a Chicago-based multi-channel mailing list company. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Chicago with a satellite office in Evanston, Illinois. Exact Data ConsumerBase operates as a subsidiary of Organ Worldwide LLC.

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