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TMCNet:  Satellite Phone Solutions Offers Globalstar Emergency and CheckUp Plan

[February 07, 2013]

Satellite Phone Solutions Offers Globalstar Emergency and CheckUp Plan

Boca Raton, FL, Feb 07, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- Satellite Phone Solutions (SPS), the satellite phone retailers and social media forum, today announced the launch of new Globalstar airtime plans and hardware offers in conjunction with Globalstar's successful launch of six new satellites, completing the world's newest mobile satellite communications network.

"Globalstar reliability and quality of service has been improving steadily over the past several months, with the completion of this launch, we expect Globalstar service to reach high reliability by this summer", says Jon Klein, President of Satellite Phone Solutions LLC. "These new hardware and airtime offerings are designed in response to the tremendous demand we're seeing from former and new Globalstar customers looking for the best way to reactivate their Globalstar satellite phones for maximum reliability and airtime values." Satellite Phone Solutions is offering the Check-Up Plan to owners of Globalstar GSP-1600 or Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phones. Satellite Phone Solutions projects that thousands of Globalstar phones have been stored over the past five years while Globalstar was working to launch new satellites. With storage, comes potential problems with battery life, age, or other factors that may prevent proper performance.

"Owners just need to give us a call to arrange to send us their phones, and we will perform a full electronic and physical evaluation, then return them with a new battery for full operation for a flat fee of $50.00", says David Nau of Satellite Phone Solutions Southeastern sales team.

Satellite Phone Solutions is also offering a new Globalstar Emergency Airtime Plan. With many customers relying on satellite phones for emergency use and business continuity, such as times following hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or , the annual emergency plan at $299 per year, includes 120 minutes of airtime that can be used at any time during the year for testing or exercises. "Customers can couple the new emergency airtime plan with a refurbished Globalstar 1600 To-Go Kit and have a fully operational phone for less than $500", says Mr. Klein.

About Satellite Phone Solutions Satellite Phone Solutions (SPS) is an online retailer and social media forum helping people understand and untangle the complex choices among satellite phone network operators, satellite phone hardware, satellite phone coverage and satellite phone airtime plans. Topics are centered on mobile satellite service providers' networks, including Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya. Forums include perspectives from satellite phone user markets including remote workers, adventure travelers, natural resources, educational institutions, and emergency operations for business continuity, first responders and governmental agencies and non-governmental aid organizations.

For more information on how SPS is helping people understand the satellite phone industry, and to access Satellite Phone Solutions' Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, visit

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