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WEBINAR: Top 10 Misconceptions About SIP in the Contact Center What the Naysayers are Missing

Wednesday May 22, 2013
2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT

Despite the rapid expansion of SIP Trunking in both residential and enterprise applications, some telecom providers are discouraging its adoption by perpetuating a number of myths. This webinar explores and debunks the objections most often offered up to keep your telecom services stuck in the past.

What Attendees will learn:
  • You'll learn why SIP Trunking is a powerful, practical alternative to your traditional system and have your concerns allayed.

Who should attend:

  • Contact Center management staff responsible for communication services
  • Contact Center technical staff supporting communications networks

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May 20, 2013

Falcon 9 To Elevate Orbcomm's Autumn into Orbit

By Peter B. Counter, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Orbcomm has been using machine to machine (M2M) satellite solutions for remote container tracking to great effect. The industry surrounding global automatic identification systems (AIS) is facing a growing demand, with over a 50 percent increase in container tracking system installations being reported over last year, and Orbcomm coming out among the most consolidated vendors. Expecting to better position itself, the AIS and satellite messaging provider is going to take a piggyback ride into space on the upgraded Falcon 9 rocket.

There are already two Orbcomm satellites circling the globe with dedicated AIS systems, but they are about to seem a lot less special once the 17 second-generation satellites currently being constructed by Sierra Nevada Corp. are ready to launch. Every one of the new orbital devices is outfitted with its own AIS system and will promise faster M2M communications. Read More

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