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September 16, 2010

Layar Adds Skyhook's Core Engine to its Android Applications

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

Skyhook, the recognized global leader in geo-location technology, has confirmed that Layar Reality Browser has added Skyhook’s Core Engine software to its Android (News - Alert) application, in a view to improve its location results. Layar is the world’s leading augmented reality browser platform. It displays real time digital information, on the main screen, or the camera screen of the mobile phone.

Mobile applications require location indicators that work reliably and quickly wherever the consumers travel. Skyhook meets billions of location requests every day across millions of handsets, netbooks, smartphones, laptops, gaming devices, cameras, and other mobile applications. Skyhook uses a proven combination of WiFi (News - Alert) Positioning System “WPS”, Global Positioning System “GPS”, and cellular tower readings, to produce a single and accurate location, which is displayed quickly and can be viewed in all environments.

GPS provides highly accurate location results in rural areas, especially areas where there is abundance of open sky free range. WPS works best in locations where GPS is weakest, like urban areas, indoors, and tall buildings. The cellular tower triangulation provides generalized location results with only 200 – 1000 meter accuracy, but it is often used as a backup coverage in areas where neither GPS nor WPS is available.

Skyhook’s Core Engine is the only software that has a location system which quickly determines the device location with 10 – 20 meter accuracy. It synthesizes data from WPS, GPS satellites, and cellular towers, with an advanced hybrid positioning algorithm, which combines each of these location sources to derive a single position with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

Skyhook’s Core Engine has provided precise and reliable location results to billions of consumer mobile devices. Skyhook offers SDK for Android developers, which is available to the public as well. Layar has more than one million active users, and is available on Android, iPhone (News - Alert) and Bada devices. The browser comes pre-installed on millions of phones, by the manufacturers and carriers. The Android app is currently available for download.

In a release, the CEO of Layar, Mr. Raimo van der Klein, said that, “Because the purpose of Layar is to only show content within a user’s immediate surroundings, precise location is critical for our app. The Skyhook SDK provided greatly improved accuracy and speed over the native Android platform."

The CEO of Skyhook, Mr. Ted Morgan, has added that, "Hyperlocal apps like Layar require exact positioning to show a user what’s nearby. Integrating our SDK into the Layar app is the perfect solution to achieve the best location results across all Android devices."

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

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