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March 14, 2012

Satellite 2012: iDirect Seeks to Redefine Smart Grid and Distance Learning with X1

By Rich Steeves, TMCnet Copy Editor

What is the X1? A spaceplane? A new alien life form? Or is it a piece of technology that could revolutionize both the smart grid and distance learning markets?

According to Julie Bettinger, vice president of Corporate Marketing at iDirect (News - Alert), the X1 satellite router is indeed a piece of technology that has garnered quite a bit of interest from utility companies and is being considered for use in distance learning applications.

The X1, which Bettinger touted as a “low-end remote” is specifically targeted toward utility companies and those who deal with SCADA requirements. It boasts lower power consumption and is deal for both indoor and outdoor uses. Bettinger stated that the X1 has already undergone both alpha and beta testing.

In fact, Bettinger stated that iDirect has been working closely with a western US utility provider. They were attracted to the X1 by its ability to withstand wide temperature ranges without having a fan that could suck in sand or dirt, allowing for use in varying conditions.

The X1 also boasts IP connectivity, so technicians can use it for VoIP or PC connectivity while out in the field. In fact, this company also utilized the X1 for mobile communication, installing it in their vans to allow for wide-ranging satellite communications.

iDirect is looking for different ways to deploy the inexpensive X1 to use satellite communications in different ways, such as using it for pipeline monitoring or other SCADA applications.

For example, Bettinger foresees using the X1 for distance learning applications in areas that are extremely rural, in places like sub-Saharan Africa. The X1 can allow the school to be a communication hub even where communications are otherwise sketchy or non-existent.

iDirect is a company that is seeking to expand its business by helping others expand their businesses through satellite. They work with maritime and government partners as well as utility companies.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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