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April 16, 2012

Galtronics Makes Headway with In-Building DAS Antennas

By Anamika Singh, TMCnet Contributor

Galtronics Corporation Ltd., provider of innovative antenna and communications solutions, announced growing momentum for its PEAR in-building DAS antenna line with the availability of a dual-polarized MIMO and two vertically-polarized antennas.

The new antennas support the broad coverage, throughput and high data rates shifting the growing wireless industry to 4G/LTE (News - Alert) networks. Major national U.S. carriers are adopting Galtronics PEAR MIMO technology.

“With PEAR, our goal is to help carriers, venue managers and building owners provide their customers with the best in-building wireless experience while staying on the forefront of 4G/LTE networks,” said Ephraim Ulmer, CEO of Galtronics Corporation Ltd. “Our PEAR antenna product line provides installers, network operators and building owners tangible value.”

MIMO allows for superior 4G LTE performance. Achieving MIMO requires that multi-path environment is at the core of Galtronics’ PEAR antenna product line. PEAR, Galtronics’ MIMO offering, is an omni-directional antenna with high-quality performance, providing MIMO for the full 1.7GHz to 2.7GHz frequency range with one antenna port covering 698MHz – 6000MHz. This supports MIMO at AWS, UMTS, HSPA+ and LTE 2.6. It is the third MIMO antenna available through the Galtronics PEAR product line, after PEAR M4772 and M4773.

“Based on our broad knowledge and understanding of in-building multi-path signal propagation, we design and optimize our PEAR products to enable the full potential of the 4G MIMO system,” Ulmer added. “Our flexible patented installation methods below, above, and through the ceiling provide an answer to the needs of venue managers and building owners without compromising the performance of the system.”

 Galtronics’ broadband antenna PEAR S4935, a single-port vertically-polarized antenna covers a broad range of frequencies from 698MHz up to 6000MHz, and PEAR S4934, a small form factor antenna covering 1.7GHz up to 6GHz. The engineered radiation patterns of antennas are optimized for in-building ceiling mount applications.

PEAR antennas provide cutting-edge technology; superior antenna performance, MIMO performance within one enclosure and optimized for multiple carrier deployment. The antenna has mounting options for above, below and 'pushed through' false/dry ceilings.

The PEAR antenna design has the omnidirectional pattern, for maximum in-building RF signal propagation.

Edited by Braden Becker

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