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May 10, 2012

GTX Corp Has GPS Tracking Applications to Find, Assist People with Autism

By Daniel Brecht, Contributing Writer

GTX Corp, a developer and integrator of embedded real-time GPS tracking personal location services (PLS), has been granted a utility patent, Patent 8,154,401 B1 – the System and Method for Communication with a Tracking Device – for its GPS Smart Shoe.

This is an application that can locate the wearer in real time, and is particularly important for people with illnesses that affect their memory and sense of location. It is particularly important for people with autism, a disorder of neural development that could cause individuals to wander, run away or get lost.

To assist autistic individuals, a new partnership between GTX Corp and Talk about Curing Autism (TACA) was formed. TACA is a national organization that provides support to families affected by autism. With GTX, TACA plans to use strategies, services and the technology (a safety device) for those living with autism.

The patented smart shoe is seen as an innovative geo specific and proximity alerting GPS tracking application that can prove itself a useful invention and solution to aid families to locate loved ones with autism.

The GPS Shoe is one of “the 100 most important inventions in the history of mankind,” according to GTX’s press Website. GTX’s 2-way GPS Technology is said to enhance quality of life for autistic people.

Another GTX utility patent and GPS tracking application for smartphones and tablets, LOCiMobile, turns GPS-enabled handsets into a two-way tracking device. The company also has a patent-pending Alertag, sure to provide real-time PLS, and send alerts to GPS-enabled handsets.

GTX’s GPS Tracking People-Finding Apps are used around the globe, and are helping people know where someone or something is at the touch of a button. The apps have made it possible to provide location-based solutions to help support the families challenged with an autistic person.

For more information about GTX or its GPS tracking applications, be sure to visit GTX’s Website.

Edited by Braden Becker

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