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September 17, 2012

Squire Tech Announces Availability of its 2013 pCom XL Tactical Communications Trailer

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

Squire Tech Solutions recently announced the Squire Tech Solutions 2013 pCom XL Tactical Communications Trailer is now available for deployment. Government and enterprise customers, as well as incident operations personnel, can use the 2013 pCom XL to quickly deploy core infrastructure such as phones, video, data, scene lighting and site power at any location.

Squire Tech Solutions is a specialist in satellite interoperability services and offers managed voice, video, Internet and data solutions.

“Since 2008 Squire Tech has manufactured and delivered our pCom system with one clear objective: Create a platform that will mobilize today’s and tomorrow’s technology, while keeping the equipment inside safe, stable and operational," said Michael Zalle, vice president of Sales and Marketing.

Features of the 2013 pCom XL System include long runtime diesel power generation, currently available in 9,12,20,25 kW; unique cage infrastructure that strengthens all aluminium enclosures; twin axle system with quad breaking and improved tow stability; secure I/O panel cross connect, shore power, transfer, among other control interfaces; High Power 7000 Lumen LED scene lights displaying lower current consumption and operating temperature; and a rapidly deployable pneumatic tower system with up to 50’.

The 2013 pCom XL features a flexible structure and comes with a self-contained power generator which can be deployed quickly, in addition to lighting and communications infrastructure. The pCom’s electronics bays' Aluminum extreme environment enclosure controls is sturdy enough to withstand humidity, heating, cooling and water intrusion, as well as air-born particulate filtration.

The on-board 9,000 – 25,000 watt ultra-quiet power generation system options available in the pCom offer robust site power, core communications equipment, as well as scene lighting systems support.

The 2013 pCom XL System also includes a Power Circuitry Management System, which comes with transfer switches, shore power, trickle charge, breaker and fuse panels; a Single Button Auto Acquisition VSAT System up to 2.4 Meter; and a secure communications enclosure featuring 19” racks mounted to vibration isolation supporting heating, cooling, and diverse power management. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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