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October 03, 2012

United Airlines Enhances Customer's Flying Experience by Adding In-flight Wi-Fi Services

By Daniel Brecht, Contributing Writer

Those who are travelers and take planes are being offered, on many airlines, low-cost fees or free in-flight Wi-Fi. This allows those who take along Wi-Fi-enabled device, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the opportunity to work on-the-go and stay connected in-flight as well as let others connect to the Internet to check e-mail, go to a social network site, read the news or play games online.

There are many benefits to having Wi-Fi available onboard a plane; it does come handy for business travelers and gives flyers something to do while in-flight.

These days, other than Delta Air Lines, who was among the first to offer Wi-Fi services onboard their flights, more and more commercial planes are moving ahead with in-flight Wi-Fi for passengers; United is one such airline that has, since last June, been offering in-flight Wi-Fi services for its Airbus A319 family –according to SeatMaestro, in the United Airlines fleet there are 55 of these planes with other 23 on order.

According to a United Airlines statement, passengers can look forward to having Wi-Fi also added to its Boeing fleet – which consists of more than 200 Boeing (News - Alert) 737 and 757 aircraft.  Those who fly with United can begin to notice Wi-Fi services as early as the start of 2013.

To enhance their customer’s flying experience, and to stop the complaints from passengers, United Airlines had made an investment of more than $500 million to improve their services, to include Wi-Fi, onboard their aircrafts.  

With in-flight Wi-Fi services growing rapidly in the U.S., passengers onboard United, or other airline, are likely to see more Wi-Fi offerings for international travel.

Presently, not many flight passengers are willing to pay for Wi-Fi services; they would like to have it included in the price of the plane ticket. Whether or not United Airlines offers free in-flight Wi-Fi on board its flights has yet to be seen. One thing is for certain, many United passengers as well as other airline passengers see the need to use in-flight Wi-Fi on a future flight.

According to an IMS Research statement and survey, those passengers who paid for in-flight Wi-Fi had claimed it was “value for money.” It also showed that many passengers who received Wi-Fi onboard their flights had used it mostly for leisure purposes.   

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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