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October 08, 2012

New AST iX Platform to Address Gap in the Satellite Messaging Market

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

AST, a premier provider of satellite communications from all major networks, provides bespoke solutions and packages to suit any customer need, while Active Web Solutions (AWS) has an award winning software solution, the Global Alerting Platform (GAP) that is used across the globe for satellite messaging.

Together, they represent a truly global force and that's why they joined forces to deliver a global satellite based M2M platform, AST iX, to address the gap in the M2M market for satellite messaging.

The new AST iX platform is expected to help organizations monitor and control remote equipment anywhere on the planet at the touch of a button, without human interaction, said company officials.

Existing GSM mobile networks are known to reach only a small percentage of the Earth’s surface, whereas AST iX is reported to have global coverage offering new capabilities to reach all locations almost anywhere on the planet.

So, regardless of whether it is an emerging country, a remote site, a developing area with limited or unreliable communication infrastructure or the Polar regions, AST iX, the low cost M2M platform, delivers.

“We are excited to be providing global end-to-end M2M solutions, using leading edge technologies” said Gregory Darling, managing director at AST.

AST, when combined with ASW's award winning software solution, the Global Alerting Platform (GAP) that is used across the globe for providing location tracking, emergency alerting, message routing and storage, will reportedly extend the reach of the “Internet of Things” even to the most inaccessible areas.

GAP is a reliable and cost effective solution that is available as a pay-as-you-go model and provides users with all advanced messaging features and services, eliminating the need to develop and manage software infrastructure.

The new platform is currently being used in the monitoring of water distribution networks in Namibia where it is considered as a success.

Globalstar (News - Alert) Europe Satellite Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., announced that it has signed an authorized distribution agreement with Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST), a provider of satellite communication products and services.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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