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October 09, 2012

New Trimble R10 GNSS Surveying Solution Features Small, Light Receiver

By Shamila Janakiraman, TMCnet Contributor

Trimble (News - Alert) has introduced a new GNSS surveying solution, Trimble R10, which is a small and light receiver that brings together powerful features and technologies including Trimble HD-GNSS, Trimble SurePoint, Trimble 360, and Trimble xFill.

New, user-friendly features include a quick-release adaptor and easy configuration from a smartphone. In addition, it can be used as a base station or rover and increases productivity for surveyors while helping them to collect and process reliable data efficiently.

According to company officials, orders for the solution will be accepted from mid-October with deliveries planned for later.

Along with Trimble R10, the company also released new versions of its field and office software, Trimble Access 2012.20 and Trimble Business Center 2.80. This will extend Trimble’s Connected Site survey solution.

“Faster results, better reliability and improved overall performance are what our customers have come to expect,” said Anders Rhodin, general manager of Trimble’s Survey Division. “With the introduction of the Trimble R10, Trimble is delivering next generation capabilities in a smaller, lighter and feature-packed system that is unmatched in the industry today.”

Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine integrated in the Trimble R10 provides an optimized core positioning technology for users. Trimble HD-GNSS is better than traditional fixed/float techniques as it offers an accurate assessment of error estimates. With precise measurements, surveyors can confidently collect data in challenging environments.

The Trimble R10’s integrated Trimble 360 technology supports 440 channels with two built-in Trimble Maxwell 6 chips. This enables consistent and reliable tracking of available GNSS satellite signals for all GNSS constellations and augmentations.

The other new features of the GNSS system are multiple connectivity capabilities such as Wi-Fi and 3G cellular connectivity, a lithium-ion battery, an integrated GNSS antenna, 4 GB internal memory and an internal 2 Watt radio.

To enable wireless connectivity Trimble Access, a field solution is included. This connects project team members so that data collection, processing, analysis, and project information exchange are enabled. This results in better workflows, collaboration and control. Management and field crews can also collaborate easily and fast since they can all view the same information in near real-time.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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