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October 11, 2012

Trimble Debuts Latest Versions of eCognition Image Analysis and Trident Analyst Office Software

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

Trimble (News - Alert) recently released eCognition 8.8 and Trident Analyst 5.0 software, enabling the land mobile mapping and survey domain to access advanced geospatial analysis technology, built for remote sensing.

Trimble’s eCognition is the original object-based image analysis software, specifically designed for satellite remote sensing. Users can easily add geospatial data like images, point clouds and Geographic Information System (GIS) vectors for detecting changes.

It features the concept of selective 3D, an innovative approach to combining 2D raster and vector data with statistical attributes derived directly from 3D point clouds.

Now, the latest version eCognition 8.8 lets users integrate these functionalities into mobile terrestrial data collection applications, and is programmed to run embedded analysis routines within the newly released Trimble Trident Analyst 5.0 software.

Said Katherine Sandford, general manager of Trimble’s GeoSpatial Division: “eCognition’s flexible data fusion and analysis capabilities have been successfully implemented in aerial survey and satellite remote sensing for over a decade. The introduction of these capabilities into the land mobile sector will create new opportunities for both existing eCognition users and land mobile specialists who are new to eCognition’s object-based approach.”

Trimble Trident-3D Analyst software is used in the office to analyze and interpret geo-referenced imagery and laser scanner data captured during field data capture operations. Trident customers can now also extend their analysis capabilities using eCognition Developer creating customized analysis routines for use within Trident Analyst.

New features of the Trident Analyst software include the creation of colorized point clouds, boresight laser calibration on demand, automatic detection of plains, and more.  

Users can acquire the latest versions of the newly-released software from the Trimble’s eCognition and Trident Analyst distribution channels, and existing customers can also opt for updates.

Edited by Braden Becker

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