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October 16, 2012

Inmarsat Prepares to Exhibit Impressive Satellite and Communication Solutions at Showcase in UAE

By David Gitonga, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Inmarsat (News - Alert), a provider of global mobile satellite communication services, is displaying an expanded portfolio of business delicate voice and data services at an upcoming event in Dubai. The company also intends to preview major possibilities to be availed by its next generation of satellites and services that will roll out in 2013, though will not be commercially available until 2014.

Based on the most reliable global satellite communication network in the world, the company currently has on offer voice, broadband and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) connectivity on a broad range of sectors, backed by 99.9 percent network reliability.

On display at the event will be Inmarsat’s new Alphasat I-XLsatelitte that will better on the company’s L-band service outreach and throughput across Middle East and Africa. This will lead to realization of faster streaming performance with greater capacity.

Apart from this satellite, the company will also be unveiling a higher BGAN streaming rate service, to be available in 2013.

The change in the company’s L-band portfolio is a forerunner to major extra capabilities to include the future Ka-band services that come into effect through Global Xpress network. The services will cover the EMEA region from the end of 2013, with Global Xpress scheduled to go global by the close of 2014.

If all goes well, the company will realize the first ever global truly Ka-band network to support mobile and fixed communication services. The network’s exceptional speeds will set new standards for applications such as Virtual Private Networks, IP, news gathering and rural cellular backhaul.

On stand at the Gulfcomms presentations, Inmarsat will feature its rich range of voice and data services, plus a wide variety of portable, fixed and vehicular terminals. Daily presentations will be on throughout the entire fare with its expanded portfolio, together with an overview of the path to the launch of Global Xpress, and a probe into how current and future L-band services will merge with the futuristic Ka-band taking focus.

All this aggressive expansion has positive effects on the company’s operations. Commenting on the impact to operations, Drew Brandy, vice president of industry, Inmarsat, said, "The major expansion of our portfolio is enabling us to penetrate new markets, from banking and finance to environmental monitoring, while also significantly enhancing our offering to more mature markets, such as media, oil & gas and aid.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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