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October 23, 2012

US Naval Air Station Patuxent River Deploys New Auto-Tracking Triple Band Systems from ORBIT

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

ORBIT Communication Systems, Inc recently announced that the US Naval Air Station Patuxent River has tested and deployed its newly released Triple Band tracking antenna systems. The Triple Band tracking antenna systems have been designed to enhance long-range telemetry mission performance.

In a statement, Mr. Israel Adan, CEO of ORBIT Communication Systems, Inc., said that, "We believe that this successful deployment at the US Naval Air Station Patuxent River enables ORBIT to position itself as a high-end solution provider for aeronautical test telemetry applications. Our breakthrough technology has shown its ability to deliver unmatched Triple Band tracking performance in accordance with the most stringent military requirements. We are eager to provide this capability to the various US Government agencies to help them meet their evolving requirements."

The Triple Band feed from ORBIT has been developed to address the increasing deployment of C-band frequencies within the telemetry market. Incorporating its concentric coaxial cavity technology, ORBIT provides a single feed capable of providing support for telemetry communication in all three bands simultaneously for different antenna reflector sizes. The feed can also support switching between tracking bands on the fly without any drop in performance.

Field testing of two Triple Band systems was carried out by the Naval Air Warfare Center telemetry team, which in addition to conducting the tests was responsible for laying out specific test requirements. During these tests, capability of ORBIT's new feed with respect to performance was clearly established.

ORBIT's tracking antenna systems have been developed as a part of the company's field-based portfolio of Tracking & Telemetry systems, capable of supporting on-going communication with aircraft, missiles, and UAVs. The flight telemetry systems of ORBIT can be handled both from fixed positions and from mobile vessels.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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