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November 01, 2012

SkyWave and QUAKE Offer Satellite M2M Solutions to the Russian Heavy Equipment Market

By Mandira Srivastava, TMCnet Contributor

Q-Pro, an M2M solution has been launched by QUAKE Global Inc., a manufacturer of asset tracking satellite M2M modems and SkyWave Mobile Communications, a provider of wireless data communications for the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market.

This partnership is possible with SkyWave being given regulatory authorization to distribute the IsatData Pro services in Russia.

Q-Pro, a rugged, environmentally sealed modem has been developed to operate on the Russian Federation’s Inmarsat (News - Alert) satellite network. The Q-Pro can accumulate and transmit M2M data automatically in accordance with the schedule the customer loads, thereby enabling users to increase business efficiencies and realize productivity gains without expending needless man-hours.

QUAKE’s Q-Pro offers users to track the location of the equipment, record usage, monitor common CAN messages, and determine the need for, and provision of, routine maintenance. The Q-Pro can also be programmed to provide emergency alerts in the event of a problem

“The SkyWave and QUAKE partnership delivers a unique M2M capability by leveraging both companies’ technological expertise to address opportunities in Russia,” said Dan Poirier, SkyWave senior vice president of operations. “As demand by heavy equipment users and manufacturers for wireless information rises, our joint offering will play an important role.”

“The innovative QUAKE Q-Pro is the perfect hardware to deliver the IsatData Pro communication service provided by SkyWave. This partnership allows QUAKE, for the first time, to distribute low-cost satellite tracking and data services into the burgeoning M2M market in Russia,” said Polina Braunstein, QUAKE’s president & CEO, in a statement. “The Russian M2M market has been untouched by this type of product and service until now. QUAKE and SkyWave are pleased to be the first to offer it in Russia,” she added.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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