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November 08, 2012

Increased Demand for SES Satellites Due to US Elections

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

SES (News - Alert) S.A. has revealed a groundbreaking uptake of its occasional use satellite capacity. SES reported an increase in the utilization of its satellite capacity on November 6-7, the days when elections were held in the U.S.

Global customers like the EBU, on behalf of Eurovision, Telenor, Arqiva (News - Alert), Telemundo, Media Broadcast, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, Fox News, Encompass Digital Media, CNBC and MSNBC, utilized the services of SES this week. These customers utilized 16 satellites from SES for nearly 1800 bookings.

The SES satellites were used for covering the U.S. elections and sending reports to TV stations globally.

The election coverage was mainly carried by the SES satellites, AMC-9, SES-1, AMC-1 and SES-2, in the Americas. The SES satellites, ASTRA 3B, NSS-7, SES-4 and NSS-806, were used for international coverage of the elections. Due to a huge demand for Ku-band capacity, several broadcasters were unable to locate capacity at the eleventh hour.

As the occasional use of accessible Ku-band capacity in the domestic U.S. arc was completely reserved, SES utilized an incline in-orbit satellite, AMC-5, to assist last-minute broadcasters.

In a statement, Samantha McCloskey, VP of Global Occasional Use, SES said, “The demand for SES occasional use satellite capacity to cover the final showdown between President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney was phenomenal – and truly global! SES satellites carried live election coverage across the world as we registered over 1500 individual accesses from TV stations across the globe. I would like to thank our customers for entrusting SES with their live coverage, as well as all SES staff who ensured flawless, high-quality transmissions to every corner of the earth with more than 1,200 MHz of satellite capacity simultaneously in use for election coverage at one point.”

SES is a major satellite operator across the globe with a fleet of 52 geostationary satellites. Broadcasters, content and online service providers, mobile and fixed network operators and business and governmental organizations across the globe use the satellite communications services from SES.

SES has a stake in Ciel, Canada and QuetzSat, Mexico. SES also holds a strategic stake in O3b Networks, a startup organization offering satellite infrastructure. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg.  

Edited by Braden Becker

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