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November 12, 2012

u-blox Unveils Multi-GNSS Module with Built-in Antenna

By Jyothi Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

u-blox (News - Alert) has launched UC530M,  a new multi-GNSS antenna module that can be easily embedded in space-restricted environments.

The antenna module poses 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm size with integrated SMT design that helps in keeping the manufacturing costs to a minimum. This module utilizes GPS and GLONASS satellites in parallel, to enhance the position availability in harsh GNSS satellite visibility conditions and in the polar regions.

In addition, the UC530M module consumes very low power and can be directly connected to a lithium battery, without any need for voltage regulators. It also includes advanced low power modes and supports a three day self-assistance feature. It also comes with a logger functionality that can store location information in internal memory.

“Location-aware functionality in ever-smaller consumer and industrial devices is a clear market trend. This presents an increasing challenge to OEMs,” said Thomas Nigg, VP of Product Marketing at u-blox. “Manufacturers are confronted with the difficult task of providing fast and accurate positioning in compact devices, while time-to-market and price pressure call for minimal R&D effort and low cost. The new UC530M is built to address these requirements: a complete low-power, high performance multi-GNSS receiver with integrated antenna. The module is easy to integrate in a wide variety of devices cost-effectively.”

The company officials said that the engineering samples of the UC530M modules will be available in December.

u-blox is a provider of positioning and wireless semiconductors for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets. The company’s solutions enable people, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video.

Recently, the company launched SARA, a new line of versatile, low-power GSM/GPRS modules targeted at cost-sensitive applications.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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