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November 20, 2012

LandAirSea Offers Special Thanksgiving Pricing for its GPS Tracking Systems

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

The months of November and December are usually the time of the year when there's a festive nip in the air and everyone gets together to celebrate the holiday season.

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and businesses will be busy showing their appreciation to clients and customers who have contributed a great deal to their business. Gifts, promotions and discounts will be doing their usual rounds as companies woo clientele.

LandAirSea Systems, well known for its GPS tracking systems, is right in the loop and is offering special Thanksgiving pricing for three of its products - GPS tracking key passive data logger, SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking system and SilverCloud Sync . The limited promotional pricing will be available from November 21-30.

Those who avail of this special pricing offer apparently stand to gain a great deal. On the GPS tracking key passive data logger, they save over $70. This is a small, compact GPS tracker that not only records the complete movement history of the vehicle to within 2.5 meters, but also logs detailed driving activities every second.

This tracker is a useful data logging tool for users to have, especially those who are keen on recording where they travel, how many miles they logged and at what speed they were driving.

The SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking system allows users to share their real-time GPS location with those whom they want while on the go. It has a whole lot of innovative and useful tracking features like Sharespot and is normally priced at $369. However, the thanksgiving price will entitle users to a huge discount of $130.

For fleet managers that want to view live, active locations of a single vehicle or the entire fleet in real-time, the SilverCloud Sync Fleet Tracker is a great product to have around. With its on-board diagnostic reports, it is an ideal productivity tool for fleet vehicle companies as they will have a very busy holiday delivery season. Those interested in making a deal can save $50 by availing the special price offer.

The developer of passive and real-time GPS tracking systems assures prospective buyers that all the GPS tracking systems have been designed with precision, simplicity and durability and that the special pricing will also be available on authorized participating dealer's websites.

LandAirSea Systems, Inc., a manufacturer and developer of passive and real-time GPS tracking systems since 1994, has recently been selected by CP Communications as a provider for their GPS tracking solutions.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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