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November 26, 2012

Datagroup Uses Eutelsat's KA-SAT Satellite During Ukraine Elections

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

Eutelsat (News - Alert) Communications’ KA-SAT satellite was advantageously used during the parliamentary elections held in Ukraine on October 28. The KA-SAT satellite exhibited its exceptional capacity of providing gigantic data bandwidth to several sites. 

Instantaneous video tracking of a minimum of 12,600 polling stations was therefore possible with KA-SAT.

KA-SAT administered 25,000 instantaneous videostreams with an overall throughput of 2.5Gbps on Election Day. While the throughput was comparable to a completely loaded medium-capacity satellite, it was only a fraction of the complete 90Gbps available via KA-SAT.

KA-SAT was chosen by Datagroup, an associate of Eutelsat, to facilitate the transmission of webcam recordings on behalf of the Central Election Commission, from 33 percent of the polling stations in the Ukraine. Starting December 1, KA-SAT’s successful services will also be used by Datagroup to unveil consumer broadband services across Ukraine.

In a statement, Alexandre Danchenko, CEO at Datagroup said, "Our experience with KA-SAT and Eutelsat during the elections enabled us to assess the exceptional performance, reliability and scalability of the KA-SAT infrastructure. We are delighted to move forward with the launch of consumer satellite broadband services which put the modernization of our country's infrastructure into a new perspective by enabling users in remote regions to immediately benefit from high-speed Internet."

Datagroup implemented at least 12,600 KA-SAT terminals in a period of one month before the elections. As the KA-SAT terminals can be installed very easily, the KA-SAT network was activated at an average speed of 500 terminals each day.

Observers could track the video stream on the Web instantaneously via the superior network performance of KA-SAT.

Jean-François Fenech, CEO at Skylogic, a broadband associate of Eutelsat said, "This massive and fast deployment could only be efficiently achieved using the KA-SAT platform. It highlights how our technology is meeting and even surpassing expectations, and underlines how Eutelsat's decision to pursue a High Throughput Satellite model is fully in line with the broadband expectations of today's users. Our collaboration with Datagroup also paves the way for bridging the digital divide in the Ukraine, enabling users to benefit from broadband in the many locations neglected by other technologies."

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Edited by Braden Becker

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