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November 27, 2012

NewCom Uses iDirect Satellite Communications Platform to Deliver Distance Education in Columbia

By Shamila Janakiraman, TMCnet Contributor

The VT iDirect (News - Alert) satellite communications platform has been leveraged by NewCom International, a global communications provider which launched a satellite-powered distance education network to serve 26 schools in the Nudo de Paramillo Region in Northern Colombia. iDirect specializes in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Rob Kilroy, regional vice president, sales, Americas, iDirect said, “When it comes to distance education applications, reliability and ease of deployment is essential. With its Evolution network, NewCom can ensure that schools in even the most remote parts of Colombia can access critical connectivity. This project perfectly demonstrates how satellite and other modern technologies can power social change by bringing the world closer together.”

Officials explained that the distance education program will serve areas of Colombia that are isolated from rest of the nation and development. The satellite network will help 4,267 students access interactive online learning programs. Solar-powered computer equipment will be used as there is no electricity supply here.

The iDirect Platform was picked by NewCom owing to the cost effective way in which bandwidth can be shared across several applications using the TDMA system. The applications include interactive video conferencing and video streaming to online learning tools besides including basic voice and data access.

The prioritization of network traffic based on real time demand makes sure that access is available whenever required. The iDirect Platform also protects the network from weather conditions that may affect data quality.

The modular hub-and-line card design utilized in iDirect helps NewCom reduce expenses so that distance education can be delivered cost effectively even while adding new online sites, said officials.

Dora Mejia, director of sales and business development, NewCom International, remarked, “Through this program, we are able to give thousands of children a window to the rest of the world and, at the same time, open the door for their communities to connect globally and with local authorities to improve and stabilize their living conditions.”

VT iDirect recently announced that OmniAccess S.L., a communications provider to super- and mega-yacht owners, will be the first iDirect partner to upgrade its entire maritime satellite network to iDirect’s next-generation Evolution X7 remotes and iDX 3.2 software featuring Adaptive TDMA.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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