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January 03, 2013

NASA and Foursquare Partner Again to Bring Users Curiosity Explorer Badge

By Carlos Olivera, TMCnet Content Producer

NASA and Foursquare (News - Alert) are partnering once again, this time bringing a special rover-themed badge to users. The Curiosity Explorer Badge will be made available for users who like NASA on Foursquare and check-in at any NASA planetarium, science museum, or visitor center.

This isn’t the first badge that NASA has offered its users. Back in 2010, when NASA and Foursquare first partnered up, users were given the NASA Explorer Badge in honor of astronaut Doug Wheelock’s first-ever check-in from the International Space Station.  

Wheelock became the first person to ever check-in from space using the social networking application. The NASA Explorer badge marked the launch of the NASA and Foursquare partnership, along with NASA’s Foursquare page, but the badge has since expired.

The Curiosity Explorer badge commemorates the Curiosity rover’s check-in from Mars back in October. The badge shows a cartoonish rendering of the Curiosity rover set atop the Red Planet, with a handful of stars glistening in the background. 

Image via Shutterstock

The Curiosity rover is currently just a few months into its planned 23-month mission on Mars. The Curiosity is expected to explore some of the planet’s most intriguing locations including Mount Sharp (News - Alert), which will be its primary focus.

With the badge, users can track the Curiosity rover as it checks in at certain locations while beaming photos and tips back down to Earth. The Curiosity Explorer Badge will also come with a special message, according to NASA:

“Get out your rock-vaporizing laser! You’ve explored your scientific curiosities just like NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars. Stay curious and keep exploring. You never know what you’ll find.”

Since partnering with Foursquare, NASA has been providing users the opportunity to explore the universe. NASA also constantly provides tips and official national space program information to its users.

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