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February 19, 2013

Telit Announces Smallest 2G Satellite Receiver

By Jody Ray Bennett, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Telit Wireless (News - Alert) Solutions announced its first 2G cellular, multi-constellation satellite positioning receiver module, the GE910-GNSS, Telit announced in a statement. The module uses an ARM11 processing core able to run applications without the usage of additional components.

The GE910-GNSS can deliver high-performance tracking with a tiny xE910 form factor.

Telit Wireless’ module is made of two separate packages: the quad-band GSM/GPRS GE910-QUAD engine, and the multi-constellation GNSS receiver, which can use GPS and GLONASS simultaneously. The GE910-GNSS can be used for tracking in noisy environments and ordered with a machine-to-machine AIR SIM chip installed inside for instant connection to a cellular network.

The GSM/GPRS package can use both analog and digital interface for voice. It brings GPRS class 10, 3GPP Release 4 compliant data communications and has a USB 2.0 interface. The GNSS receiver supports NMEA and RTCM standards over the GPS (L1), Glonass (L1, FDMA) and Galilelo (E1) frequencies.

Via 32-channel GPS architecture, it delivers a CEP50 accuracy of 1.5m, as well as a location from a cold start within 35 seconds.

Telit also offers USB drivers for Windows desktop, Windows Embedded CE, Linux and Android (News - Alert). RIL drivers are available as well.

An embedded Python interpreter lets the ARM11 processing core run applications that can access the GNSS core directly. With only the GE910-GNSS, a host board and antennas, a high-performance tracking device can be created for assets, people or livestock.

“The launch of the GE910-GNSS rounds out the xE910 product family with the combined functionalities of the GE910-QUAD 2G cellular engine and a full-function multi-constellation GNSS receiver into the popular xE910 form factor,” said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. “Take this rich functionality and add the convenience and robustness of an embedded m2mAIR SIM chip and the customer application does not even require a SIM cardholder and the electronics which go with it.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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