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February 19, 2013

Russian GLONASS Satellite System Gets More Telematics Services from NXP

By Michael Guta, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Countries around the world are passing laws to make telematics standard issues in motor vehicles. This tool allows governments to keep tabs on the vehicles on the road by providing many types of data to improve emergency response during an accident, theft recovery, traffic management as well as providing consumer services. The Russian government is offering incentives in the form of import tax exclusion for automotive telematics suppliers who upgrade to GLONASS compatibility. Today, NXP Semiconductors (News - Alert) introduced the GloTOP 2.5G, an automotive telematics specifically designed to work with the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system.

GloTOP is part of the ATOP telematics solutions NXP provides. This new tool makes it possible to quickly and easily integrate telematics apps in vehicles by OEMs so that they can access the satellite system with a parallel reception system for GLONASS and GPS by automatically selecting the most accurate positioning.

The ATOP telematics solution is recognized as a proven tool that has been implemented by OEMs around the world. Integrating GloTOP with ATOP provides it with a platform that can access many of the tools available with this solution.

Some of the solutions GloTOP provides in its telematics suite include: congestion avoidance, on-board diagnostics, fleet management as well as integrating GLONASS, GPS, GSM and NFC functionality into a single unit for the best performance. The units also run without having to add additional modules, which generally results in compatibility issues with other systems. Additionally, it supports Java, giving developers a flexible programming language to create applications for consumers.

As with any device that receives and transmits information, it can be vulnerable to security breaches. GloTOP will have the proven ATOP hardware-level security as part of the unit, which is unique to the telematics industry. Vehicles are being integrated with mobile devices to provide more consumer services, and if the right security solution is not in place, private data can be exposed.

The Russian market is looking for proven technology that uses the GLONASS satellite system because of the big import tax incentives; however, this is not the only reason. By 2015, new cars will have to have an automatic emergency alert capability in Russia. This technology provides a rapid response system during emergencies by automatically calling the nearest emergency service, providing an accurate location. The GloTOP platform can provide these services with a flexible module that can be part of any vehicle.

"We consider GloTOP 2.5G the most innovative telematics automotive platform, answering all of the requirements of both automated emergency systems and ERA-GLONASS systems. Following years of close cooperation with leading Russian electronics manufacturers and NXP Semiconductors, our company has acquired strong technical expertise in GloTOP 2.5G. We are ready to deliver the highest level of technical and informational support," said Sergey Dudkin, head of the Wireless Solutions department at GAMMA St. Petersburg, NXP's distributor and technical partner in Russia.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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