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February 28, 2013

TS2 Expands into Afghanistan with Avanti's Hylas 2

By Jody Ray Bennett, TMCnet Contributing Writer

TS2, a Polish satellite access service, has expanded its Internet access in Afghanistan with Avanti’s Hylas 2. The new satellite is designed for broadband communications and is among the very first to step foot in Afghanistan. The satellite is equipped with Ka bandwidth transponders; these allow bidirectional data transmission and multiple other services for corporations, individuals, and government agencies.

According to recent reports, the satellite will allow TS2 to provide access to the Internet, IP services, VoIP, VPN, and videoconferencing connections, backbone and corporate network services and backhaul satellite services for GSM networks. The Hylas 2 satellite has been placed on the orbit at 31 east. It has 24 Ku-band transmitting and six receiving transponders. TS2 also plans to launch in certain East European and African countries, and Poland.

TS2 Satellite Technologies (News - Alert) is a popular provider of satellite communications systems. The company offers all capabilities of using their advanced satellite technology for Internet access, phone calls, and data transmission. These global telecommunication services that are covered by satellite communications systems provide the services.

They provide support for both individuals and government agencies in fast growing international markets. TS2 has strategic customers located throughout Afghanistan which is where they plan to launch their first commercial links. The HYLAS 2 satellite was built by Orbital Sciences (News - Alert) Corporation and has an increased throughput that is almost three times as high as that of the HYLAS 1.

TS2 has acquired a strong standing in the international market, especially in the markets of Poland, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. TS2 supplies satellite communication systems for coalition troops and international corporations that are operating in Afghanistan, and was one of the first of its kind to do so.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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