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March 21, 2013

ATCi Intros Simulsat Multibeam Transport Antenna System

By Anshu Shrivastava, TMCnet Contributor

Antenna Technology Communications (ATCi (News - Alert)) has introduced the Simulsat Multibeam transport antenna system, designed for a full range of satellite communications applications.

The company is a provider of custom global ground-based satellite communications systems and broadband services. Gary Hatch, CEO at ATCi, sees this latest offering as a validation of the company’s engineering expertise.

Simulsat Multibeam, he says, has been specifically reengineered to handle the unique applications that are specific to content harvesting applications.

“It is a testament to ATCi's continuous commitment to our customers that it was able to reengineer the legacy Simulsat Multibeam system that has been serving cable customers for 30+ years in the U.S. and abroad to also meet the unique news gathering and content aggregation needs of operators,” Hatch said.

The Simulsat multibeam antenna is seen as the only multiple satellite antenna that can receive satellite transmissions from more than 35 satellites, and L-band fiberoptic links for transport, simultaneously, into the headend and RF detection for LNB status.

In addition, it can enable L-Band Matrix Switch to route and distribute signals to receivers.

Company officials said it is an embedded spectrum analyzer for monitoring each signal, via proprietary M&C software that offers complete monitoring capabilities of each individual signal path.

Moreover, it is capable of reporting an updated health of each LNB, fiber transmitter and fiber receiver, as well as full matrix control, according to company officials. The complete RF Transport System consists of the Simulsat multibeam antenna.

“We are honored that broadcasters throughout the U.S. can also rely on ATCi’s Simulsat transport system to provide the essential downlink capabilities essential to their business,” Hatch said.

Earlier this month, ATCi introduced its Simulsat Multibeam antenna system for application in the Middle East market.

Edited by Braden Becker

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