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March 22, 2013

Orbit Launches OceanTRx Product Line to Improve Maritime Communication

By Kasey Schefflin-Emrich, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Satellite communication, tracking and telemetry mission-critical connectivity solutions provider Orbit Communication Systems (News - Alert) has launched a new VSAT product line for the maritime market called OceanTRx.

The new line features two products OceanTRx 4 and OceanTRx 7, both designed to enhance maritime communication. OceanTRx 4 supports 1.15m stabilized maritime antenna system configurations in multiband frequencies, including X, Ku and Ka bands and BUC power level, while OceanTRx 7 supports 2.2m stabilized maritime antenna system configurations in the same multiband frequencies as OceanTRx except for X, but in addition to C. OceanTRx 4 also works under environmental interferences such as shocks and bumps, and OceanTRx 7 reduces shipping costs due to the fact that it takes up 40 percent less desk space and weighs 30 percent less than other similar systems.

"OceanTRx series brings the maritime world into the future," Ofer Greenberger, CEO of Orbit, said in a statement. "Featuring a variety of configurations, frequencies and power capabilities, the platforms address a wide range of maritime markets from oil & gas to cruise, commercial shipping, and naval. As we enter the Ka-band age, OceanTRx is the ultimate solution for maritime satellite communications enabling smooth migration to future high-speed Ka services for the entire Ka range. By overhauling our mechanical chassis and electronics, leveraging our long-standing reputation for innovation together with our corporate focus on service and customer satisfaction, we are committed to making maritime communications easier and better."

In addition to the OceanTRx, Orbit has also created a RailTRx VSAT product line for the broadband communications of inter-city, regional and high speed trains. RailTRx supports numerous stabilized train antenna system configurations in Ku and Ka bands, features an outstanding RF performance and still functions under environmental electromagnetic disturbances.

Both product lines were recently demonstrated during Satellite 2013 exhibition held in Washington, D.C.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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