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March 25, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric's Kamakura Satellite Production Facility is Now Ready

By Meenakshi Shankar, TMCnet Contributor

The global satellite market is showing increasing demand for communication and other purposes. Mitsubishi (News - Alert) Electric Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer and seller of electrical and electronic equipment, is looking forward to operating its manufacturing facilities to help develop and manufacture satellites that further enrich daily life.

Towards this mission, Mitsubishi Electric (News - Alert) completed expansion of the satellite production facility at the company's Kamakura Works in Kamakura, Japan. According to the company, the upgraded facility doubles its annual satellite production capacity to eight satellites, the largest among all facilities operated by Japanese satellite manufacturers.

Japan's Basic Plan for Space Policy, announced on January 25 as the nation's space plan for the five fiscal years beginning April 2013, includes expanded use of space for telecommunications, broadcasting, positioning and remote sensing purposes that will contribute to improved quality of life.

Over the past four decades, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has completed more satellite projects for communications concerns, government agencies, and other large-scale clients than any other Japanese company, making it a pioneering company for space systems in Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric has delivered a variety of satellites that now support daily life, including the meteorological satellite Himawari-7, the first Japan-made commercial communications satellite Superbird-C2 and the Quasi-Zenith Satellite-1 MICHIBIKI, which provides location-information services. Currently, the company is developing the Himawari-8, Himawari-9 and ALOS-2 satellites, the last of which will succeed the DAICHI in gathering disaster-related data in areas affected by large-scale natural disasters such as the Great East Japan earthquake of 2011.

With over 90 years of experience, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized manufacturer, and vendor of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment.

In another release, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Automation will establish a new factory automation (FA) center at its Mexican branch office to provide enhanced services to Japanese manufacturers operating in Mexico.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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