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April 22, 2013

Ground Control to Major Thuraya Expansion

By Peter B. Counter, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Satellite communication devices hoping to move to warmer climate need not worry about connection issues while roaming. Thuraya (News - Alert) Communications has now expanded its GSM services to 11 more regions, including many locations throughout the American Virgin Islands and Latin America, which is already predicted to soon be undergoing some serious wireless infrastructure developments.

Partnering with Claro (News - Alert) and Telefónica, leading communications providers in Latin America, Thuraya has now expanded through the Americas, bringing the total number of countries it serves to 161 using 356 GSM networks. Thuraya subscribers are now able to seamlessly roam the globe with their satellite handsets.

The mobile satellite provider specializes in serving energy, maritime and government sectors, as well as NGOs with dedicated satellite connectivity to their networks. Thuraya is also the only provider in the field that, according to its vice president of marketing T. Sanford Jewett, allows roaming through terrestrial wireless networks.

GSM service is not the only area of innovation Thuraya has tackled. Aside from offering a comprehensive world-wide network for the industrial and military sectors, the company is also responsible for the tiniest satellite handset, mobile payphones and Point of Sale systems. Thuraya is comprehensive, and it shows.

Thuraya is currently demonstrating on its official website technology to connect iPhones directly to its network. The SatSleeve looks like a protective case for a smartphone with an antenna protruding, but instead of providing physical defense, it allows an iPhone (News - Alert) to act as a handset, so that the professionals working in satellite-dependent sectors don’t need to sacrifice the conveniences that are taken for granted by the Smartphone using majority.

All of this is to say that with Thuraya’s history of innovation in the field of GSM and satellite technology, its expansion into these new regions is going to make business much easier for the sectors they serve.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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