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May 14, 2013

Headland Media Taken Over by KVH Industries

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

Headland Media Limited has been taken over by KVH Industries (News - Alert) Inc. The media and entertainment services organization, Headland Media, sells commercially approved news, sports, movies, and music content to the maritime, hotel and retail markets.

According to Mark Woodhead, CEO of Headland Media, the organization is happy to be associated with KVH. For the past few years, the organization was shifting towards digital offering of movies, news, and sports clips. The maritime VSAT service from KVH will therefore easily blend in with Headland Media’s news, sports, and entertainment content.

In a statement, Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO of KVH said, "The acquisition of Headland Media supports our strategic vision of extending our maritime broadband service to also include delivering premium content to vessels. We've captured a leading market share in the maritime VSAT market for one-to-one connectivity, and are now rolling out a new, highly efficient, low-cost multicasting capability that we believe will create significant growth opportunities for Headland Media's content by eliminating the time and cost of physically delivering DVDs to vessels.”

Mr. Kits van Heyningen also said that this  acquisition as a great start to KVH's new initiative to bring customers to the same high-quality multimedia content they enjoy onshore, but could not access over their maritime satellite service because of either high costs or protocol blocking associated with service providers' fair use policies. Headland Media will now provide its users with premium content and an opportunity to create exciting new services that will help KVH’s customers happy.

Headland Media, headquartered in the UK, also has offices in the UK, Europe, the United States, India and the Philippines. The 115 employee organization has exhaustive experience in the licensed content business. The organization offers its services to 9,600 vessels, 1,700 hotels, and 1,700 retail outlets.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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