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July 01, 2013

Cassidian Makes BOS Network Available throughout Germany

By Anuradha Shukla, TMCnet Contributor

Cassidian, the defence division of EADS (News - Alert), a global provider of defence and security solutions has made the BOS core network available throughout Germany. The 62nd switch was integrated into the BOS core network in May 2013 and thus making the network available in the nation.

Cassidian notes that the BOS digital radio network covers about 80 percent of the area of the Federal Republic of Germany and already has over 315,000 registered participants.

This network is supervised and controlled by the two network management centres in Hanover and Berlin. Scheduled to go into operation on a step-by-step planned basis in 45 geographical network sections, the BOS digital radio network is huge.

It covers about 4,500 base stations at 4,300 locations and is touted to be the world's largest radio network based on the TETRA standard when it is complete in 2014.

Cassidian points out that this network is designed for communication by about 500,000 users simultaneously. The smooth flow of voice and data communications throughout the country is ensured by the switches that seamlessly connect the base stations in the BOS digital TETRA radio network.

The switches in the BOS core network also ensure the multi-agency management of all BOS network participant groups.

Four out of the total 62 switches operate as transit centres ensuring smooth traffic for the switch network throughout Germany.

Last month, Cassidian delivered its technology to secure communications during the royal wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden to Christopher O'Neill in Stockholm. The Swedish security forces leveraged the Cassidian's radio communication technology to ensure smooth functioning of all activities and the safety of all participants.

The Stockholm Police used the Swedish nationwide TETRA radio communication system Rakel to protect 470 high-ranking guests who assembled for this wedding. Rakel is provided by Cassidian and operated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Edited by Alice Koganova

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