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July 02, 2013

ORS-1 Satellite Completes 2 Years in Orbit

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

UTC Aerospace Systems has revealed that the ORS-1 satellite has been successfully orbiting in space for two years. The maiden Operationally Responsive Space satellite, ORS-1, was set off into orbit from Wallops Island Flight Facility on June 29, 2011, at 11:09 p.m. EDT aboard a Minotaur I launch vehicle. The satellite was developed especially for combatant command operations by UTC Aerospace Systems, a division of United Technologies Corp.

In a statement, Andreas Nonnenmacher, general manager at ISR Systems, said, "The ORS-1 satellite has been meeting or exceeding expectations since its launch and continues to provide daily support to U.S. Central Command and to those tasked to protect our troops and efforts overseas. This anniversary marks the satellite's second year of service, and the team is very pleased that ORS-1 has exceeded its mission design life."

ISR Systems was responsible for the technical design, assembling, incorporation and testing of the ORS-1, which was conducted in Danbury, CT. A warfighting benefit is delivered by the 500Kg class satellite, ORS-1. ORS-1 has already received several honors like inclusion in the list of 25 most critical ideas for the country by C4ISR Journal. Aviation Week has named ORS-1 as one of the four finalists for the esteemed Laureate Award in the Space category. While AIAA has proposed ORS-1 for the Space Systems Award, National Space Club has recommended the ORS-1 for the General Bernard Schriever Award. The satellite has also won the 2012 Mission Sustainment Integrated Product Team Award from AOC.

The Space Development and Test Directorate, based at the Kirtland Air Force base, administers the ORS-1 Program for the Operationally Responsive Space Office or ORS Office. The satellite was launched with an aim to address the needs of the Commander of US Strategic Command or USSTRATCOM for supporting US Central Command or USCENTCOM. The time taken from inception to completion of the satellite was only 30 months. In less than 3 months after its initiation, ORS-1 had received COCOM recognition.

Incorporated systems and works for the aerospace and defense industries are devised, manufactured and services by UTC Aerospace Systems. An international customer base with important global manufacturing and customer service facilities is supported by the organization.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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