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TMCNet:  Meracord Adds Direct Deposit Feature to its API Suite

[December 17, 2012]

Meracord Adds Direct Deposit Feature to its API Suite

TACOMA, Wash. --(Business Wire)--

Meracord, the leading third-party contract payment processing service provider, recently added the direct deposit feature to its suite of APIs, allowing customers to deposit funds directly into their Meracord account through a unique bank account and routing number.

Meracord, setting the standard for excellence in the payment processing industry, has been in business for over 30 years and serves a variety of industries in need of an all-inclusive turnkey payment processing solution, compliantly receiving, storing and transmitting funds in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Proiding an all-encompassing approach to payment processing, Meracord delivers the ability for customers to deposit funds directly into their Meracord account from any of their external bank accounts through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. "Our ability to dynamically create stored value accounts for each of our customers is enhanced by our new direct deposit feature. Coupled with payment processing solutions focused on compliance, security and efficiency, this addition is further testimony of our goal of providing a unified payment engine to the market," said Pete Siems, Senior Vice President, Director of Information Services.

The direct deposit feature adds to Meracord's suite of payment features, which includes the recently launched online payment button, Meracord Payments. Direct deposit and other Meracord payment features are available on Meracord's newly-augmented API sandbox which companies and their developers can access from the Developers section of Additional API calls available: create, modify and close accounts, manage banking details, schedule ACH and credit card payments, cancel scheduled payments, schedule disbursements, schedule account to account transfers and query for account details and transaction history.

With Meracord's payment processing engine, available through various API calls, companies have access to a compliant and comprehensive solution for the collection, distribution and storing of funds. For more information on Meracord payment processing services, please visit

About Meracord

In business for over 30 years, Meracord is a leading third-party payment service provider of contract payments. A privately owned company specializing in trust account management, Meracord is committed to providing safe, accurate and secure payment services allowing customers to achieve financial goals. Meracord's substantial licensing and bonding, frequent and rigorous audits, proprietary technology and in-house customer service sets the company above its competitors.

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